Sustainable and waste-free eating in Khoollect


Many of my recipes victorious one using up odds and ends that are in in my fridge because letting good food go to waste and slinging it away is a crying and moping shame. And you’ll be surprised ideal for conjure up with your leftovers! Now i’m all about sustainable eating along with making the most of ingredients you have C and that i know many of you are also. Which is why I think you’ll love the particular genius, waste-free menu that features in Khoollect this week. Take a look at my Editor’s picks-

When your Khoollect team asked Food Editor Frankie Unsworth to devise an all-veggie weekend spread that uses upward every last bit of fresh food, she rose to the difficult task. Her genius waste-free menu has one shopping list that will stop you and a pal going all of weekend, with nothing going in the container.

Just some of the delights that feature on the website include oat pancakes with walnut glazed bananas, and broke fried potatoes with stewed paprika peppers in addition to mayonnaise. Who’s salivating? Remember, if one makes any of them, take a snap together with tag #khoollectcook so we can take a look.

The staff also shares this two-ingredient, make-at-home coffee and avocado body scrub. Even though it odours amazing I wouldn’t recommend eating the item! Do you have any clever hackers to use up your leftovers? Permit team and I know on the Khoollect forum. Or just pay a visit if you want to chat to the team!

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