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A French Inspired Tea Party


Last year a friend of ours hosted a lovely tea bash for several of her pals. It was delightful, and it manufactured us wonder why and we don’t have tea parties more often.  Well here’s some ideas today from the tea specialized, Ellen Easton.  It’s a French inspired green tea party menu, and it includes two yummy recipes to the sweets C mini meringue kisses in addition to petit fours.

~ A French Inspired Afternoon Tea Menu~

By Ellen Easton

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  • 1 stick of unsalted butter, on room temperature
  • Use vegetable shortening when pure white icing is needed
  • 1/4-cup whole milk, at room temperature
  • 1-teaspoon vanilla extract and also other desired flavoring
  • 1 pound 16 oz. boxed confectioner’s sugar

TO Colour ICING: pastel food coloring


In a large merging bowl, combine all ingredients and mix at a low pace until smooth. If firmer icing is needed or the weather conditions are very warm, add a minimal extra sugar.

To create pastel colors, divide icing in to a separate bowls, for each ideal color, using a toothpick, add just one drop of color at any given time and mix until desired colouring is reached.

Yields 3 cups

With a new warmed flat knife, its polar environment each individual cupcake.

Decorated with colored sprinkles or perhaps design of choice.

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