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Types of Disposable Paper Mugs for Hot and Cold Products


A paper cup is a throw-aways cup used to hold sizzling drinks in place of an actual earthenware or glass cup. This cup is typically made of papers lined with either plastic-type material or wax. The grow or plastic lining inhibits liquids from soaking in to the paper, causing leaks. Quite a few cups come with a plastic or maybe foil lid to maintain the contents of the cup. Paper cups come in several different sizes, material, and design. Are all designed for a specific purpose. If you are shopping for paper cups and you’re simply wondering what types of paper cups of are available on the market right now, take a look at our shopping guide down below:

Types of Paper Cups

Air Pocket Insulated

This design and style eliminates the need for a coffee sleeve or a double cup to hold the hands from burning with holding a hot drink. Mid-air pocket insulated paper goblet keeps your favorite beverages heat. The cups are designed with the inner and outer piece. A layer of oxygen to boost insulation separates a lot of these sheets. This nifty style ensures that the cup remains to be comfortable to hold no matter how sizzling your drink is.

Poly-Coated Papers Cups

This paper cup is protected with a type of polymer to enhance insulation and reduce leaks. This coating could come in sole or double layers, featuring different levels of rigidity as outlined by your needs. The polymer finish helps keep the material from perspiring and protects from empilement. When the material starts to moisture, the paper will start deteriorating. Poly-coated paper cups can be used to offer hot and cold drinks alike. As opposed to wax-coated paper cups, poly-coated paper mugs do not cause wax increase in cup dispensers. Poly-coated paper cups come in an array of colors and sizes. A few feature tightly rolled rims for leak-proof drinking.

Post-Consumer Paper Cups

Because report cups are made from virgin papers, manufacturing these products require reducing trees and sometimes, destroying forests.

As the name implies, post-consumer paper cups are made of post-consumer paper materials. The materials are recycled paper cups, which might be made from virgin paper. Of all sorts of paper cups, post-consumer document cups are the most eco-friendly. The material should be made from FDA approved components so they are safe to use. A lot of these cups can be used to serve cold and hot drinks alike.

Sustainable Paper Cups

These report cups are made from renewable options. They are 100% compostable and are either poly-coated or perhaps paper lined with stable PLA shells. Sustainable paper cups of are also heat resistant in addition to leak proof for worry-free consuming. Just like post-consumer paper cups, lasting paper cups are very eco-friendly.

Wax-Coated Paper Cups

Wax-coated paper cups are similar to poly-coated documents cups. The cups tend to be coated with wax to circumvent leak, enhance rigidity, and boost insulation. They come in many different designs, colors, and sizes. Wax-coated paper cups feature snugly rolled rims for leak-proof consuming. But unlike most paper cups on this list, wax-coated document cups are not ideal for hot drinks. The hot liquid will melt the wax tart, causing the material to weaken.

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