Main Course




  • 21 oz. beef (for “Tafelspitz”)
  • 101 floz beef bone broth
  • root produce (orange carrots, yellow carrots, celeriac root)
  • pepper corns, bay leaf
  • Directions

    1. Cook the meat slowly in the beef broth for 1 ? to two hours while adding the cause vegetables, pepper corns and also the bay leaf. Cut the cooked properly root vegetables in dvds and serve along with this; if you like, add poached beef marrow backbone.
    2. Roast potatoes:
      Shred potatoes (boiled together with peeled one day in advance) using a spud grate. Fry finely cut up onions in hot oil till they turn soft, then add potatoes; salt the mixture and also fry it slowly with a crisp while stirring.
    3. Viennese chive hot sauce recipe:
      Stir 3 hard-boiled, strained ovum yolks with 2 raw egg cell yolks, season with salt, all kinds of sugar and vinegar, add 3 white “Semmel” rolls soaked with milk and strained; next, as when making mayonnaise, mix the mixture while dripping inside ca. 8.45 floz (? litres) of oil, and decide by stirring in 2

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