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Different Types of Sushi Rated According to Reputation


Sushi is a type of Japanese food composed of vinegared rice and slices with seafood, vegetables and sometimes, exotic fruits. While enjoyed via the Japanese since the ancient times, sushi will be loved by foodies outside of The japanese too!

Sushi is typically prepared making use of white Japanese rice as well as raw seafood. And contrary to public opinion, not all sushis are made from raw fish and shellfish. Some are made with smoked egg, called Tamago, or cooked properly eel and prawn. Different variations regarding sushi have developed throughout the ages, including those that cater to western style. Let’s get to know more about sushis by sorting out different its many different types in line with popularity:


This is the most common type of sushi. Nigirizushi virtually means “hand-pressed” in Japanese. Traditionally, a sushi maker will get a speck of sushi rice and swipe this with a bit of wasabi. Then, the hemp is topped with some style of topping called Neta. Neta could be sets from a sliver of natural or slightly cooked species of fish (tuna, eel, and salmon are very popular) or other seafood (squid, prawn, octopus, and so forth.) Other types of nigirizushi are made with tamago as well as grilled egg.


Makizushi is a type of thrown sushi made with nori and vinegared rice. This sushi maker will get a serving regarding vinegared rice and add various ingredients (tamago, soy paper, cucumber, or maybe shiso leaves) before wrapping it all in seaweed sheet. There are 5 various different types of makizushi: Hosomaki, Chumaki, Futomaki, Uramaki, and Temaki.


This type of sushi basically means “scattered sushi” in Japanese. Chumaki is commonly served in a bowl. The particular sushi is made from sushi rice covered with various toppings called “gu.” The gu can be tamago, slivers of seafood and vegetables and fruits. Of all types of sushis, Chirashi is the most well known in the common Japanese domestic because it is very easy to make. Okazaki, japan would make Chirashi out of leftovers to maximise their stocked food.


This type of sushi is made from fried tofu called abura age, which is hollowed out and stuffed with rice. The abura age is done by cutting regular tofu straight into thin slices and then serious frying them to achieve a amazing brown color. Then, the rice is added inside the tofu together with sugar, soy marinade, and dashi. Typically, Inarizushi is sweet however, you can adjust the sweetness as outlined by your preference when you make it at your home. Most Japanese supermarkets provide fried tofus that are ready to be manufactured into Inarizushi.


Oshizushi is a type of pressed sushi made by using a wooden mold termed oshibako. This is why Oshizushi is also called hako-sushi and also “boxed sushi.” To make Oshizushi, toppings are added into the mold and then layered with rice. The toppings could possibly be anything from slices of octopus, squid and also raw fish to tamago as well as eel.

Then, the whole mix is covered and pressed down to create a rectangular-shaped sushi. The loaf of sushi is then reduce rectangular sizes before being made. The shape of the sushi and the shade of the ingredients make Oshizushi one of the most visually-appealing off sushi types!

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